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University of Bayreuth Graduate School

Doctoral candidates at the University of Bayreuth

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Common Share Schemes

The common share of the financial support scheme for doctoral candidates includes:

Kick-Off Seminar

The Kick-Off seminar focusses on interdisciplinary aspects for the scientific work.

  • It promotes personal networks across disciplines
  • It informs on funding sources
  • It conveys Good Scientific Practice

Participation in the kick-off seminar is mandatory for all doctoral candidates of the UNIVERSITY OF BAYREUTH GRADUATE SCHOOL.

Workshops WiN Qualification Program

Members can submit request for workshops to become part of the WiN Qualification Programme. These workshops should have an interdisciplinary nature and be of interest to more than one discipline. They should fit within one of the following categories:

  • I. Career Orientation and Development
  • II. Teaching and Supervision
  • III. Leadership, Project Management, Teamwork Practices
  • IV. Acquiring and Managing Third Party Funding
  • V. Committees and Higher Education Policies
  • VI. Science Communication
  • VII. Networking, International and Interdisciplinary Collaborations
  • VIII. Scientific Practice
  • IX. Doctoral Studies

Please direct any requests to the team of the UBT Graduate School (graduateschool@uni-bayreuth.de).

Workshops/ conferences organized by doctoral candidates

Members who would like to organize a workshop/ conference for their peers on Bayreuth Campus can apply for funding at University of Bayreuth Graduate School.

Generally, the proposed workshop/conference should be at an early stage of its planning, should have an interdisciplinary nature, and should be proposed by members of different disciplines.

For more information, please contact the team of the UBT Graduate School (graduateschool@uni-bayreuth.de)

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