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Scholarships for doctoral candidates

In Germany, thirteen organizations which support talented doctoral candidates formed the an association for the promotion of talented doctoral candidates ("Begabtenförderungswerke").

Grants for female doctoral candidates in the final phase of the doctorate

A program by the Office for Gender Equality at the University of Bayreuth.

Scholarships of the Bayerischen Forschungsstiftung

This program supports
- foreign doctoral candidates pursuing theit doctoral studies in Bavaria and
​- graduates of Bavarian universities pursuing their doctorla studies abroad.

Bayerisches Eliteförderungsgesetz (BayEFG, Bavarian Act for the promotion of elite students)

The Bavarian government awarded annual scholarships for outstanding doctorates according to the Bavarian Act for the promotion of elite students (BayEFG). The program for new scholarships ended in autumn 2017.

Please also see the Broschure Scholarship Guide of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School.

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