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University of Bayreuth Graduate School Representatives (Reps)

Once a year all members of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School are asked to elect up to four representatives from their midst to speak for them in university bodies and be their starting point for getting support with arising issues or questions. Our aims as your voice are

Representation – We are defending and pursuing your interests by using our voting rights in the Board of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School as well as the Scientific Council (Wissenschaftlicher Konvent) and by counselling the university senate (Hochschulsenat) on its decisions. So, feel free to talk with us about your ideas or visions for the future!

Encouragement – the University of Bayreuth is home to a large number of diverse doctoral students from all imaginable disciplines and backgrounds. We believe that academic as well as personal exchange between different faculties, chairs, personalities, academic cultures and ideas is an important means of fostering growth, academic excellence and personal development. Therefore, we offer regular seminars, casual activities and social platforms to make networking fun and hassle-free. For the future we aim to build a platform to connect current doctoral students with alumni, so tuned!

Perspective – We are your first point of contact if any problems, issues or questions arise during your PhD. If we can’t provide direct help or (anonymously) raise your case in academic sessions, we will at least strive to connect you to those who may offer further help.

Support – We are there for you! The easiest way to get in touch with us is via the confidentially treated e-mail address: reps.graduateschool@uni-bayreuth.de or in urgent cases personally in our respective department offices. Any organizational questions (i.e. travel grants, seminars or membership issues) are answered by the Graduate School office.

Your Representatives for the year 2021/22

Thorsten Opel (Materials Science)

Daniel Dickes (Materials Science)
Özge Dolunay (Space and Society)
Franziska Zahn (Biology)

Contact: reps.graduateschool@uni-bayreuth.de

Webmaster: Sabine Zühlcke